Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Clients include Business Owners and C-Suite Executives

What is in it for the Client?

  • Access to a corporate America bank professional who worked alongside business owners and C-Suite executives for over 26 years
  • Retain a sounding board who may have experience in your industry and/or situation
  • Generate creative and clear strategies
  • Solve problems relating to profitability, cash-flow and/or talent management
  • Develop a company road-map with key milestones that are measurable and attainable
  • Have a second resource to attend joint meetings with banks, attorneys, accountants, insurance advisors, vendors, etc. to assist with Q&A, brainstorming and follow-up
  • Introductions to key business professionals that can add value
  • Discover new markets and industry niches for a service or product
  • Coach the executive team on key initiative implementation and execution
  • Customize training programs
  • Adapt agreed-upon recommendations to save time, money and/or manual processing
  • Cultivate Affinity Groups and Programming

MatchKey Primary Service Offerings

  • Corporate vision clarity
  • Talent management assistance
  • Process development and implementation
  • Line of business expansion
  • Identification of new target markets
  • Growth and profitability improvement
  • Sales activity improvement and efficiency
  • Time management solutions
  • Leadership conference and C-Suite retreat support
  • Affinity Group Development and Programming
  • Automation and consolidation suggestions where appropriate
  • Building an effective team

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