Entertainment Consulting

Entertainment Consulting

Consulting Services for the Entertainment Industry including:




Digital Media

What is in it for the Client?

  • Partner with a trusted networker who has built professional relationships in the entertainment industry since 2015 and business relationships in other industries since 1990
  • Receive warm introductions to Georgia- based service providers including banks, lawyers, accountants, real- estate agents, content providers, debt and equity sources, tax credit specialists, studios, crew members, producers, writers, educators and more as requested
  • Obtain a reliable and well-connected Georgia resource to provide “feet on the ground” services
  • Reduce the cost and frequency of travel to Georgia by hiring a local resource that can attend local meetings, visit production sets and/or represent your business as needed with or without your involvement
  • Develop a company strategy that includes the entertainment industry market segment
  • Hire an industry professional to help develop educational programming in your community
  • Connect with other companies and resources that support the Indie market
  • Diversify service offerings and/or target markets to increase revenue and sustainability
  • Learn about the different components of the industry and the opportunities each one provides
  • Better understand the Georgia film, music and digital entertainment tax credit programs and how it could impact your business
  • Match debt and equity resources with content providers

MatchKey Primary Service Offerings

  • Concierge and consulting services for individuals and companies involved in the entertainment Industry across the country
  • Georgia-based “feet on the street” access
  • In-person meeting attendance with a client on speaker phone to save them time and travel costs
  • Production set visits
  • Business strategy
  • Matching service providers with those seeking that service
  • Acting as a liaison between Georgia industry professionals and those based outside of Georgia
  • Industry-specific educational seminar development
  • Panel and speaker collaboration
  • Participation in events or meetings outside of Georgia
  • Identification of new market segments and sources of revenue
  • Updating clients on industry happenings and current events
  • Supporting businesses that want to get involved in the industry
  • Connecting a creative professional with a financially-minded professional to advance collaboration

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